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Cal-Ez is convenient and the hours of operations are reasonable for those who work regular hours. They are open until 7pm on weekdays which allows someone who works to take care of their auto registration stuff after work. They also take credit cards which is nice.

Sonet C

Great fast and effective shop for anything dmv related. Why go to the DMV and wait hours when you can go here. And it’s not super expensive to use their services. Highly recommended!

Jonathan S.

This office is awesome!!!! I called earlier this past Saturday and the staff was very helpful not only did they told me what I needed to transfer a car to my name and get my tags, but they were willing to wait for me after their business hours, Saturday they close at 3pm but I wasn’t going to make it, I get off work at 3pm but they waited for me and my transaction was completed in less than 10 minutes, yes less than 10 minutes.  I will never ever go to the DMV again, I will continue to come to Cal Ez Auto Registration. I was very impressed by their professionalism and customer care.  While I was there another couple showed up late and the staff gladly help them.  Incredible service and their service fee is lower than other places, trust me I shopped around.  I will highly recommend them to anyone that needs car registration!

Katherine T.

Came here about 2 years ago. A nice lady helped me. It was quite easy and painless. She was quite knowledgeable about my questions as well. I would recommend this company.
I will be back. Thanks.

Scott C.
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